About Free Science News (part of NatureVolve)

Free Science News is an online free to access science news platform that is part of the community built by NatureVolve Magazine over the years. The launch of our new platform in 2024 was supported by SAi Resident Collective and Aberdeenshire Council, as well as talented science communicators at the University of Aberdeen.

NatureVove is a community uniting the ideas of scientists and artists so we can better understand and appreciate planet Earth. NatureVolve publishes science news, conservation topics as well as creations across the arts through digital and print magazines. This content can also be found on our news site which you are welcome to explore here. As an open and inclusive community, we are always open to contributions from creatives and researchers from all backgrounds.

NatureVolve and Free Science News were both founded by Sustainability / Earth Science Journalist Clarissa Wright, who was previously an Assistant Editor at Springer Nature and an Editor Outreach Specialist at open access academic journal publisher Frontiers.

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